Welcome to my 365 Doodle Challenge

2017 has just kicked in the front door and so I have decided to add some more New Year’s resolutions on top of last year’s list, although I must say that I did keep most of my promises for 2016.

That being said, this year’s challenge is to draw/doodle something everyday for the rest of 2017. Now that shouldn’t be too hard, since any doodle will do, it’s the thought that counts. And to feed my procastination even more, I’ve decided to skip yesterdays’s doodle, because in my opinion nobody should work on the first day of the new year.

Well then, today is my first doodling-day and I thought I’d draw my site’s name (I know, so creative), nothing fancy, we’re just going to breeze our way into this. I honestly can’t wait to see if I’ll  prevsail and actually produce something e-ve-ry-day, but either way it’ll be a good excercice.

So without further ado, let’s get this doodle started!

First Doodle of the Year!

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