Drawing at The Library

It’s scorching hot here in Perth today, it’s 38°C/100°F! Basically it feels like walking into a gigantic oven whenever you open the door to go outside. Luckily Perth is not very humid, or I would be sweating buckets.

And because I am a very sensible person, I deciced to bike down to the CBD and do my drawing at the State Library today – you know because it’s only the 3rd of January and I still have a bunch of crazy energy to do this. So while I was riding, it started to daunt on me that I have absolutely no stamina to bike this far, and that maybe this was not a good idea after all! But since I am writing this post in the (nicely airconditionned) Library, I clearly survived this, so we’re all just fine.

So then, what did I end up drawing? I was flipping through this manga book (it’s in Chinese so I don’t know the title of this) and came across this female manga charachter, who I thought was very cute. If I’d ever wake up and find myself in a manga universe, I wouldn’t be mad looking like this.

As for the sketch, it’s a very basic copy/paste exercice. So pretty much monkey see, monkey do-approach for the time being, but I’m trying to improve the steadiness of my drawing, so the lines will look more natural. And then learn more about colouring and lighting as I go along. Still a long road ahead, but here we go!

Hi Everybody! I’m Miki.

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