My New Favourite Place in Perth!

I love libraries and I get so much work done when I’m in one. And do you know what’s great about a library? It’s a place where people go to enrich their life. Whether you’ve come to read books, study or work on personal projects, it’s a place that makes you more knowledgeable when you leave.

I live in Perth and for the longest time I’ve been going to Perth’s State Library. It’s a huge building with thousands of people coming and going everyday. When I first moved to Perth 4 years ago, I used to spend a great deal of my days there, partially because I didn’t want to go back to my sharehouse, but also because the energy from the library motivated me to create. The State Library will always hold a special place in my heart; however, there’s a new kid in town and it’s wearing the latest and coolest sneakers to class!

Though I’m probably a little late to the game – the official opening was in March 2016, today was finally my first day to go inside of the City of Perth Library, and believe me it’s just gorgeous!

Today’s doodle challenge is of course the City Library, but I’ve added a little walkthrough of the building as well, so you can see how beautiful the inside really is.

Quick drawing of City of Perth Library.

The City Library is located at 573 Hay Street, next to Perth Town Hall. The design of the building is by Kerry Hill Architects, who won the tender in 2011. The library has a total of 5 main levels, ranging from the Main Library all the way to the Attic.

City Library of Perth front view.

On the ground floor is a cafe with tables and seating where you can sip on your coffee and do work on your computer. The actual entrance to the library starts where the security gates are, passed the Lobby.

Cafe area.

You can use the elevators to travel inbetween levels, but I highly recommend taking the stairs. The bottom of the stairs starts as a large entrance, spiraling higher and higher, until you reach the last part leading up to the attic, where you’ll notice the stairs being quite a bit more narrow. This just feels so right to me, somehow this subtle difference adds to the mystery of ‘The Attic’.

Passed the Mezzanine is the first and second level. On the first level you can find the Main Library where most of the books are. There’s a comfy ‘lounge area’ where you can relax and do some reading. Also, make sure to look up so you won’t miss the great artwork that’s located on the ceiling.


The next floor is the History Centre, which houses history books and a few study/meeting rooms. There are also computers you can use to surf the internet, should you not have your own.

The third level is called The Terrace, where you’ll find a collection of DVDs and BluRays, together with a fabulous outdoor patio complete with benches and parasols. Too bad Perth Summers are too hot to be sitting outside right now, but I can totally see myself out there during Spring or Fall. However, if you like the view – but don’t want to be fried, there’s an inside area looking over the terrace where you can do work as well.

All the DVDs and BluRays.

Views of the Terrace.

Moving up is the Children’s Level. I would be very happy to spend time here if I were a kid! It has little reading nooks for parents to sit with their children, but also individual tables to sit at. The best thing however, is the wishing tree situated right at the centre of this space – it just makes everything so much more magical.

Children’s Area.

The wishing tree.

Finally, at the top of the building you will find The Attic, which is also the young adult section. It’s a smaller space with a few tables, some more study rooms and a gamer space – how great is this?!

View from the Attic.

It’s been a real pleasure discovering this place and I’m sure I will return here a lot more often!

City of Perth Library, Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 4pm
Sunday: 12pm to 4pm
Public holidays: Closed

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