Another week, another weekend! And oh boy am I ready for it. Friday evenings are the best part of the week. No matter how tired one is, Friday nights

can get you right back on your feet. We wine, dine and catch up with friends. Life’s all about sharing good food in great company anyway.

Taking my own advice, I headed to the city to have dinner with some close friends. We went to a Thai restaurant called Fifteen Soi Shafto. It’s located at the cozy Shafto Lane in Perth city. The area was busling with people enjoying themselves, sipping on their wine or gulping down their beers. How wonderful.

We ordered Panang Curry, Satay Chicken, Pad Thai and Pineapple Fried Rice. And in true Asian style, we shared. Food came out at a decent speed and the service was pretty friendly. I’m no expert in Thai cuisine, so I can only say that I liked the dishes, but according to my friends it’s not the best Thai food they’ve had. That being said, we did have a great time. We wanted to go for second rounds at the Chicken and Beer place accross the street, but it was a little too packed. Guess we’ll be returning soon.


Fifteen Soi Shafto, Thai Restaurant:
Monday-Saturday: 11am to 3pm – 5pm to 10pm
Sunday: Closed

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