Australia Day Cancelled?

At 6pm my friend messaged me this:

So I immediately googled “plane crash Swan River” and yes indeed,  a plane did crash into the Swan River at 5pm. The pilot and passenger did not survive the crash.
Since a lot of people were camping out at the Foreshore, there were a lot of witnesses and of course also a lot of photos and videos. I think people who were up close must have been in shock. Police are now investigating how the crash happened exactly, and to protect the scene and evidence, the City of Perth has decided to cancel the fireworks.

It’s a sad thing, but when you think about the situation we’re not the saddest ones today. I feel for the 2 victims and their families. I can’t imagine receiving such news at any point of my life. Let’s hope they’re getting the support they need at this time.

So that’s Perth’s Australia Day for 2017, I’m not too sure if there’re any other activities going on in the city, but I’m back at home and calling it a day. Btw, just to let you guys know, it was indeed so hot today. We hit the 40 mark, I could even feel it inside with the aircon on!

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