Your Chinese Fortune Teller

Do you celebrating Chinese New Year? I’m Vietnamese, so I do. Well I’m supposed to, but since I’m all over the place lately I sort of forgot about it.

So without further ado, let’s all welcome the year of the ROOSTER!

Also, anybody reading their Chinese horoscope with the New Year? It used to be a tradition at our house to shake those sticks in a can (it’s called kau cim in Cantonese). So to put it real simple, you get on your knees, shake the can – which contains a lot of sticks, until 1 stick falls out. Every stick has a number and that number will tell you your fortune. Some will say it’s superstition and bullocks, but for me I just enjoy it. Not that I believe every single thing, but I’d try to take away the positive stuff and find some guidance for important decisions.

Now that I live on my own though, I don’t do the shaking anymore. I just read my horoscope online – yeah I know. But I can’t help it, I’m just curious, and it’s fun!  So I’m a rabbit and apparently it’s not a lucky year for the rabbit. I’m told not to take any risks and have my health checked regularly. Oh, and I shouldn’t be doing any renovations this year. So basically a lot of DON’Ts and that’s no fun! But we’ll find a way to make it a killer year, I’m sure.

Anyhow, I hope you’ll have a great Year of the Rooster. Don’t let those fortune tellings hold you back too much -that’s if you’re into them. Everything is in your hands. Wishing everybody excellent health and great prosperity for 2017!

And…Serena won! LEGEND!

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