Getting On The Action Cam Bandwagon

Well, I’m way behind on this trend, but today I finally bought one. Although I use many cameras, I never felt the need to purchase a Gopro. Maybe I’m not sold on the Gopro ecosystem, or maybe

I just don’t feel pro enough to use one. Whatever the reason, I’ve changed my mind about action cameras, but I didn’t buy a Gopro. The reason being: Gopro is no longer the only big player on the market.

If you don’t want to spend 400USD on the latest Gopro Hero 5, you can easily buy a knock off version of it online – which you can easily get for half the price, and the quality isn’t too shabby either. Or if you want to go with better known brands, Sony – and recently Nikon, have good alternatives. Gopro has been doing a lot of things right since their intial launch in 2004, but the reality is: it only sells one type of product and in the current market, it’s hardly a winning strategy. If you’re dependent on one product line, you need to be on top – all the time. If competitors start to catch up, you will lose. And although Gopro made a good attempt by launching the Karma drone late 2016, it ended up rather disastrous. With devices falling from the sky, Gopro was forced to recall all drones.

Eventhough this was a big setback for the company, Gopro might still be able to rely on the loyalty of their customers. So not all is lost, but inovation has never been more key. They need to be one step ahead of the competition in order to survive.

Then, what did I buy? After doing extensive research online and watching dozen of Youtube reviews, I’ve decided to go with the Sony FDR X3000. In many ways it’s just the better camera. And I was lucky too, it was on sale at JB Hifi, so I got an extra 15% off. Yass! I’ll be testing it the coming days and hopefully will get some good footages to share. So stay tuned!

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