Shopping in 2017

I think many people will agree that online shopping is slowly becoming the standard in our modern society. Whether it’s 5 minutes on your phone or hours on the computer, we can shop for pretty much everything.

The setup of having endless products at your fingertips and one-click-of-a-button payments make it hard NOT to part with your hard-earned cash. Throw in some soothing background music and a pair of sweatpants and you’re on your way.

My favourite time to online-shop is before I go to sleep. I’m so relaxed and susceptible, I could literally buy anything my mouse is hovering over. That’s why I’ve made a promise to myself, that whatever I throw in my cart at night, should stay there at least until the next morning. And trust me, it’s a fantastic strategy. Most of the time I end up moving those items onto my wish list or I just delete them all together. You have no idea how much junk I’ve kept out of my life this way.

That being said, I’ve also wasted lots of money. I’d say my biggest mispurchases are with clothing. I think my success rate with fashion shopping is what, 10% – 20%? I have no idea why I keep thinking that clothes on a 6ft model, will look the same on me – I’m 5ft1 should you wonder. This leads me to strongly rely on other people’s reviews and ratings. You see, reviews are like fitting rooms – or at least the next best thing and ratings are like your girlfriends giving you a thumbs up, or a you-better-take-that-off-now look. It all helps you in making the better purchase. So, let’s all chip in and leave a review next time we make a purchase.

But buying the wrong item isn’t the worse thing that could happen. You can always ask for a refund, right? Well, I’m one of those lazy people who can never be bothered to return anything, so I just keep hording my ill-fitting garments and donate them to whoever wants them. And evenhough I tell myself never to shop online for clothing again, I could never resist the temptation.

And although I don’t like waiting for my orders to arrive, with delivery times as fast as the next morning, we’ll soon be buying our whole life online.

So obviously the question is: do you have an Amazon account already?

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