Projectile Vomiting

OMy stomach was having a really rough time last Saturday. I had a (pretty oily) sausage bun and some green juice for ‘breakfast’- at 1pm, and let’s just say it didn’t go down too well. 


Worse thing was that I was riding the bus while this horrible feeling hit me. I was on my way to the city to buy a new vacuum cleaner and I could feel the vomit piling up in my throat and the fact that this bus was stopping every 5 minutes didn’t help of course. The whole ride, I was thinking to myself what would happen if I could not control myself and actually vomited on the person in front of me. God this would be a disaster!

After getting off the bus, I rushed to the nearest public restroom straight away. You have no idea how blessed I felt that this happened in Australia and not Belgium. You don’t want to be sticking your face down a public toilet in Belgium, trust me, you just don’t.

So there I was in my cubicle and out came the healthy juiced sausage bun, sorry if I’m getting too visual. And immediately I felt a huge burden being lifted off my shoulders. I won’t be going near any buns or juices for a while, that’s for sure.

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