First Time Auction

Yesterday I got home pretty late from an auction, my very first auction btw. I was there with a friend who was looking for an investment piece and although I was interested as well, all properties listed were well above what I could ever afford.

I just sat back and watched the show. The auctioneer was fast talking and energetic, maybe too energetic at times, but he worked the crowd quite well. They even handed out some prices for the attendees, the biggest price being an iPad Air 2. Sadly I didn’t win, but I did help myself to some cookies ๐Ÿ™‚

My friend didn’t end up buying anything. I was surprised only a few properties were sold, knowing how low property prices are at the moment. I guess everybody is looking for that bargain. I think it’s definitely an interesting world to peek into, but auctions sure have their own set of rules and you better read up before you step into it.

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