Changing Habits

In my opinion there are 2 types of sleepers: 1) the snoozer, 2) the early bird. Me, I always considered myself the latter.

But things have changed recently, not only have I become a snoozer, but a really dedicated one at that too. I used to get up quite easily, in less than 2 minutes I’d be in the bathroom getting ready. Now, I usually snooze for a solid 20 minutes before zombie’ing my way out of bed, It’s really bad.

I’m not sure if it’s just my body that’s too tired (I haven’t had any proper time off for over a year) or I’m actually getting old! Or maybe it’s both, yikes. Either way, I’m trying to get back in shape and eat a bit more healthy and see if it brings my energy back.

That being said, even if I become a permanent snoozer, I could never be as bad as my sister. She’s the ultimate black belt snoozer who doesn’t wake up even if a nuclear bomb explodes beside her  -_-

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