Watermelon Galore!

No, I’m just kidding. I don’t actually look like that when I’m eating… uhum.

So, I happened to pass by a fruits and vegie shop today, where they were selling watermelons for 90c/kilo, which technically is cheap. However, the watermelon rind accounts for about 30% of the total weight, which makes it more like $1,15/kilo, which is actually still pretty cheap when you consider apples being priced at $5.90/kilo.

Long story short, I took home a whole watermelon, sliced it up and went at it. It was guuud. I always consider myself lucky when I magically choose a sweet one, because truth is, I don’t know how to pick a good watermelon. I’m an excellent orange and apple picker (though I say it myself), but I’m pretty basic when it comes to picking other fruits. I just go by feeling which, well, pretty much boils down to pure luck.

I ended up eating half of it, so there’s still the other half anxiously waiting for me in the fridge whahaha!


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