Gambling Makes Me Nervous

But it’s sooo much fun!

I’m not a gambler, I don’t even buy lottery tickets, but once in a while I do dare to have fun at the casino. The maximum I’ve ever lost was, I believe $20. The most I’ve won, was about $250.

And I only play one game: The Big Wheel.

It’s the only game I can handle and is easy enough for me to understand. I’m too much of a noob to play anything else. Even Black Jack has to many areas of betting, imo. So last Friday we went for a spin at The Big Wheel. First, we did a little observation, 2 times jackpot in the last 5 spins, each time followed by a 1-1 – what are the odds?! Should I bet on green or the joker? Internal dilemma of course. So I just went for it: orange! HAHA.

Well, jokes on me of course, because it was…green. I should’ve listened to my friends. But guess what would’ve been worse? Another jackpot! I’d definitely die out of regret.

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