The Forever Hair Dilemma

So here’s the thing, I used to have short hair, just above my shoulder. Now, it’s about half-way along my back, and that took me about 1 year to grow (with a few trims in between). I guess I would say my hair doesn’t grow all that fast, which makes me feel a bit reluctant everytime I cut it.

But maybe some of you may relate to this dilemma: the chop or no chop? You know when your hair is long, you want to cut it short, but once you’ve finally chopped it, you can’t wait for it to grow long again? And I’m like that, all-the-time, but another problem is, my hair has no volume whatsoever. So the longer my hair gets, the more lifeless it becomes. They’re basically like curtains draping my face. Can you see what I mean?

So now, the trillion dollar question is

of course, should I cut it?

(To be continued…)

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