Ikea 4 Life

I think most people have at least one piece of Ikea furniture somewhere in their house. I’m talking about the average household btw. I myself, I’m definitely an Ikea person. Ikea isn’t exactly cheap, it’s just more affordable than the average furniture shop, but there’s something else that works so well for Ikea; it’s fun.

If you have children, you can choose to have them contained in the kids area until you’re done shopping, and I sincerely hope you do. It’s just more enjoyable for everybody, really. If you’re hungry after pushing your cart around the Ikea maze, you’re greeted with food at the end. It’s like a reward for all your hard work. I can always do with some meatballs and fries, don’t you? Just don’t forget to pick up your kids first.

So, the reason for me to go to Ikea, not that I always need a reason to go to Ikea, is that I’ll be moving soon and I want to add a few more items to my interior. I’ve done my homework online before going , so I pretty much knew what to look for, but you’re just fooling yourself if you think you’re only buying what’s on your list. We all need that extra mug or stylish photo frame. I bought a bunch of fake flowers I probably don’t really need. But at least they won’t go dying on me, I just can’t do real flowers. Too much maintenance and they ALWAYS die, whether I give them love or not.

Now here comes the part some of you might enjoy, the assembly of Ikea furniture. Do you love it? I don’t. I’ve assembled the Billy bookcase 4 times now and 3 times I’ve done something wrong. I think I’m not really good at following instructions, duh… But in the end, all that matters is that it’s up and ready to use.

So that’s my weekend well spent, I hope you had a fun one as well.

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