To Move or Not to Move?

2 weeks ago, the elevator in my apartment building broke down, and it’s still not fixed yet…I live on the 7th floor.

Now, that’s okay, I was considering a gym membership anyway, so that saves me 15 bucks a week. But the biggest problem with this is: I’m supposed to move out by the end of next week. I can still manage dragging myself up and down the stairs everyday, but moving boxes and furniture? No way.

I really hope it’s going to get fixed soon, if not, I’ll be very (very) upset (read: fuming out of my ears). This is the second time this has happened. The first time is was out for 4 weeks! Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the middle of nowhere, if they need spare parts, how long does it take for it to arrive in a big city? Seriously…

Anyway, let’s hope I won’t have to carry the couch down, it’ll be GAME OVER fast!

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