Gone Baby Gone

To continue with my story from last week, the elevator is still broken, which means I still have to walk up 7 flights of stairs. I also bike to work, but since I cannot use the elevator, I have to leave my bike downstairs. There’s no secure bike shelter at my place, so I just lock my bike to the bars on the outside shed. It’s been sitting there every night for the past 3 weeks, but a few days ago it was GONE!

Someone stole my bike! And I’m not sure how I feel about that. I wasn’t surprised really, a bike sitting outside the whole night, every night just screams “steal me!”. I think I’m more upset about the elevator not getting fixed. We’re into the 3rd week and still no sign of any repair happening. It’s sooo frustrating!

So, now I’m out of a bike, which sucks. I have to catch the bus to work and if I happen to miss it, I’m screwed. I don’t want to buy a new bike and have it stolen again. So the only thing is to wait. Wait until that bloody elevator gets fixed so I can finally move into my new apartment. I CANNOT WAIT!

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