Moved Out!

(Sorry for being away for too long and not updating the blog, but all should be back to normal as of now.)

When I first wrote about moving out of my old place, I was kinda jokingly saying I might have to carry the sofa down 7 floors if the lift was not getting fixed soon. Never did I think it really would become the nightmare of my reality.

Here’s the story…

I was supposed to be out of my old flat about 7 (8? I lost count) weeks ago, but 1 week before my lease was up, the lift was out of order. I stayed another 2 weeks paying normal rent hoping it would get fixed soon, but after those 2 weeks came and went, it started to daunt on me that I was running out of money fast, paying for 2 places. So I asked to stop paying the rent for my old place, since it was out of my control I wasn’t able to move out. It took a bit of negotiating and convincing, but good thing they agreed in the end. Here’s a lesson for you: never be afraid to ask and persist if you have your reasons.

It turned out to be a good move, since 6 weeks later the damn lift was still out. Tell you the truth, I did not enjoy going home after a day of work, knowing I still have 7 floors to climb. Then last week, they told me they really needed me out since there’s a new tenant who wanted to move in. So that’s that for ya, everything down via stairs. I must have done 30 over runs up and down, it was horrible, but I’m happy it’s over and nobody fell or got killed.

I’m at my new place for a week now and it’s just awesome. No more 7 flights of stairs and I can start biking to work again. Halleluja!

I hope you’ll continue enjoying this blog and once again, thank you for your patience.

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