Short Please!

I’ve decided to cut my long locks a few weeks ago, and have I not regretted it once. The funny thing is that the hairdresser seemed to be more heartbroken about it than myself. A guaranteed question you’ll hear when you go from long to short hair, is:

“Are you sure?”

Euhm, yes I’m sure. Now please get on with it before I have any second thoughts.  As if it hasn’t been hard enough to get to this point *sigh*. But it always ends up well though, well, almost always. I’ve had it cut way too short once because I wanted to try out short and layered. BAD IDEA. But the best haircut I had, was (suprisingly) a dry cut. No washing, in and out in 20min and only $20. Best money I’ve ever spent on my hair!

I’ll probably keep it nice and short for a while; that is until I see awesome people with long hair and eny the hell out of them and then I can’t wait to grow it all back again.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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