The Gym

Sooo, I’ve been going to the gym for a little while now and the only 3 machines I really use are the treadmill, rowing machine and the leg press.

This means that pretty much 90% of the other equipment is unknown territory to me and although I would like to venture into this other world, I’m scared I will make a fool of myself. I have to say that some of the equipment do have guidelines written on them, but I’m still scared I’d get it wrong.

Whenever I see other gym members go from machine to machine like pros, it makes me feel a little intimidated. That’s why, I have decided to spy on them.

When I’m running on the treadmill it’s usually harder to look around – as I have to pay attention so I won’t facepalm the ground – but when I’m doing the leg press for example, that’s when the fun starts. I’d watch how other people use weights and dumbells, or how they position their arms and legs on certain machines and I would take mental notes of everything, so I can give it a go when it’s less crowded.

The other day I tried one of the bicep machines for the first time and I think I did it correctly? But 2 days after and I was still feeling the pain in my arms. Maybe I should have stretched better. Well, lesson learned.

So my current goal is to run 10km under 1hour, and eventually I would even like to run a half-marathon. It’s a little ambitious I must say, but baby steps and who knows, we might get there one day.

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