Millionaire in 2018 – 001

First of all, a Happy New Year to you all and may you have a terrific year ahead, full of love and laughter!

I’ve spent my New Year’s Eve as quiet as you can imagine. I got home from work at 5, took a shower, sent out all my New Year’s wishes and went straight to bed. Then fireworks woke me up at midnight. I went to the balcony to watch it and called my family, then went back to sleep. I woke up at 7am today to get ready for work. I guess this will be the majority of 2018 for me: sleep and work.


Sooo last Thursday, I thought, let me go and buy a lottery ticket. Maybe, just maybe, this will be my year! So I went to this local news agent just up the road from where I work. The owner was an old Asian man who was super friendly. He was asking me if I wanted a simple ticket or one of those fancy expensive ones. Of course I went for the cheapest one, and when I took out my wallet to pay him the $4.95, I dropped my wallet on the floor and everything started falling out. Now that I think back at this moment, maybe God was letting me know that I shouldn’t be wasting my money because he wasn’t going to make me a millionaire anytime soon.


So I paid the kind man the money and tucked my ticket safely in my wallet. I waited and waited until it finally was Saturday evening. I took out my phone and googled ‘Saturday Lotto numbers’. I always check the list of winners first to see if there’re actually any winners in my area. 5 winners in WA! Each of them got 1 million+! So, I quickly searched for the winning numbers, took out my ticket, looked at it, then looked back at the numbers. Not even a single one *sad face*.

NewYear4 copy

I guess that’s what you get for choosing the cheapest option, but one can hope, right? I’m pretty sure I’ll try again next New Year, but for the time being, I’ll be spending my $5 on much needed coffee instead.

I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and to all of you who don’t have to go to work tomorrow. YOLO!


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