50 Shades darker – 002

This is the second year I’m covering the Regional Softball Tournament here in Perth, and although I’m looking forward to swapping sandwiches for cameras for one week, I always dread the crazy hot weather.


Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the sun, but 10 hours a day for 7 days is enough vitamin D to last me a whole year. I’ve gone through almost a full bottle of spf 50, but still manage to get some sunburns. Just to show you how nasty Australian sun can be. But aside from the extreme weather conditions and the long hours, it’s something I really like to do.


I’m kinda a camera gear geek and getting to shoot with some high-end equipment is always too much fun. I wish I could afford one of them fancy Canon cameras one day, but a small compacy camera will do for now. I don’t think I’ll manage to vlog with a 1DX, not even for 1 minute!

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