I tried Swing Class! – 003

So yeah, Lindy Hop. It wasn’t on my bucket list for 2018, but since I decided to be bolder this year, I took on the challenge.

A friend of mine suggested it and because he was sooo convincing, I ended up dragging my body to Swing class. I was actually surprised by the number of attendees. We were about 20 people all together, I was thinking only 5 people would show up (hah, guess I was wrong).


So class started all good and well. I was trying to get a hang of the basics, but then all of the sudden, we had to do a partner swap. Like 5 minutes in and already! Great, now I had to make a fool of myself in front of a stranger. Imagine if it was a hot guy and I messed up so badly, I had to go into the toilets and cry?? There were no hot guys, fortunately.

So after a few partner swaps and some good advice from my pro partners, I figured out the basic steps and I was like yeah, I can do this, it’s not too bad. The joy didn’t last long. Now we had to add a new element to our routine, where the lead is pushing the follow away so both dancers are facing each other. Euhm yeah, I totally messed that up.


And I never recovered. That’s when I started looking at the clock every 5 minutes and realised that time was going too slow. *Sigh* I’m not sure if it’s just me, but everybody else looked like they’ve been Lindy Hopping since kindergarten (I’m exaggerating, but they were pretty good!) even my friend was like swinging his way into the night.


Finally, salvation came at 8, and at the end of class we were given a little card to proof we attended our first session. I need to attend 2 more to go onto the next level, haha, yeah… Let’s just say, I’ll be happier watching from the sideline next time.

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