Life of a Gamer – 004

I’m not a gamer. I rarely play games, and if I do, it’s usually on my iPad, and it’s probably one of those personal-best-type of game, where you have to beat your previous score. I’m quite competitive when it comes to scores.

So one of my gamer friends told me I should try gaming on the computer. Of course I can’t. I have a Mac and you don’t game on Macs. I mean like real gaming. So we decided to take it easy and play some slime games online, like slime soccer for example.



I had high confidence in myself, after all, how hard can it be? Something that started out as a friendly match, slowly become more and more of a shouting game. Mainly because I kept losing, and with a small margin at that! I was well on my way of winning, but still, I lost! What am I doing wrong? Should I change my tactics? Block the screen so my opponent can’t see? Push him off his chair? Nothing was helping.


Gaming 2


So finally, when I lost again: 11 to 12. I was done with it. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even won, once… Now that’s sad. Maybe my friend is a real pro at these silly games, or maybe I just suck at gaming all together? Anyway, I just had to accept my bad fortune and put away my dreams of one day becoming a pro gamer. But not before unleashing my inner demon one last time. HAHAHAHA

Gaming 3


So thus conclude my lovely weekend of non-productivity. Well at least I managed to finish this post on time. Does that still make me a loser?


Gaming 4

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