Sweating like a pig! – 005

It’s full on Summer here in Perth and with hot weather usually comes sweatiness. Luckily I’m not a heavy sweater, so I’m usually quite okay, but recently I’ve been changing clothes around the clock because I’ve been sweating like crazy. I’m not sure what it is, maybe I’m getting old and weak?!


So I’ve been swapping T-shirts and shorts almost twice a day now, which makes my pile of laundry grow double as fast, which is technically not a big problem; if only I wasn’t living in an apartment. You see, there’s a laundry facility where I live and most people go there to wash their clothes. Me, I hate it. So when I moved into my place, I made sure I had my own washing machine. But my apartment doesn’t have a dedicated laundry space, so we had to find a way to fit it into my kitchen. Whatever works!

Sweat_2So now I can do laundry in the privacy of my own home, which is freakin awesome(!), but you know how loud and annoying a washing machine can be, right? So every time I do laundry, I always feel bad for my neighbors, and now that my machine is doing double time, I wonder if anybody’s going to be knocking on my door soon.


But I think I’m worried about nothing, because occasionally one of my neighbors is playing loud 90s hits with his front door wide open and nobody seems to be complaining about that (yet). Or maybe they just secretly make voodoo dolls and curse him that way?

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