My precious blood – 006

Some days ago, my friend and I were strolling through a park after dinner, and just as I was telling her how much I liked the place, I felt it…


3 mosquito bites later, we hurried back to the car, she too was feeling the itch. We didn’t even spent 5 minutes there!


I remember doing a roadtrip around Australia a few years back. We camped out every night for almost 2 weeks and at the end of the trip, my arms and legs were a mess. I mean, we all got bitten, but I was by far the worse. At one point I even got over 70 bites(!)

One evening we were sitting on the beach, having some cheap wine and chatting the night away. I sprayed myself with insect repellent, wore long pants and sleeves, wrapped myself in my sleeping bag and would you guess it? That’s right, still then I got the most bites. It’s just not fair. This world is just not fair.


And I know, some people get bitten more than others and there’s a whole list of reasons why, but seriously, I don’t care. All I know is, DO NOT go near parks and water after dark!

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