Winter Olympics, Lunar New Year and Chloe Kim! – 007

Happy Lunar New Year everybody! It’s the year of the puppy and I’m all for it. My sister is a dog and she’s having some massive life plans this year, so I’m wishing her all the courage and luck of the world with it!

I didn’t do much celebrating this year, I just got home from work and crawled into bed and watched the Winter Olympics, like I’ve been doing pretty much the whole week. I’m a big fan of Figure Skating and a huge Yuna Kim fan. I’ve watched her win the 2010 Vancouver Olympics (amazing!) and lose the 2014 Sochi Games (this was just outrageous). It’s just not the same without our Queen and I miss her so much 😦 Yuzuru2

So instead, I’ve been watching Mirai Nagasu land her triple axel; what a feat! Yuzuru Hanyu taking the gold in the men’s skating, and what a program he delivered! Two-time Olympic gold. A little disappointed Nathan Chen didn’t make the podium, but his outfits were my favourite. Now just waiting to see who takes home the gold in the ladies event…NathanChen2

And then Chloe Kim, OMG Chloe Kim! If you don’t know who she is by now, you must’ve been living under a rock. She’s been trending pretty much everywhere on social media and this girl is just bomb! The golden girl of the halp-pipe, the sassy teen who’s hilariously candid about food cravings. She’s definitely repping the snowboarding scene and at 17, she’s already a LEGEND. GO CHLOE!


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