Deep down, I’m a Master Chef – 008

I don’t think my mum passed on her cooking genes to me properly, because I only cook like, maybe what, 30 meals a year? And when I say cook, I mean elaborate cooking, where at least 5 different ingredients are involved, so fried eggs and instant noodles don’t count.

Cooking1Last Tuesday, was the first proper meal I made in 2018. So, it’s the end of February, and I already don’t know where to fit in the other 29 dishes. Guess I’ll have to put in some effort. Anyway, I was making a very local Flemish/Belgian dish called ‘Gentse Waterzooi’. It’s like a fancy chicken soup, with cream and white wine. I don’t really follow recipes when I cook, so I always kinda wing it and cross my fingers it wouldn’t taste too bad. So I was channeling my inner Master Chef this time again, and you know what, it didn’t taste as ugly as it looked.


And you know how the saying goes “Hapiness is only real when shared”, so of course I invited some friends over to share my joy, hehe. No, well look, at least everybody finished their plates and nobody got sick or anything.

I’ll go ahead and give myself a star for that! *smugface*


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