Why are acai bowls so expensive? – 010

I literally just googled this and guess I’m not the only one with this question. For those who don’t know what an acai bowl is, it’s basically a smoothie in a bowl using acai (ah-sa-hee), a Brazilian berry, oatmeal and lots of fruit toppings.

But if you’re not anywhere near Brazil, it’s very likely restaurants will give you an acai powder extract instead of the real fruit. So why then is it so bloody expensive? Well, because everybody is crazy about acai: the superfood!

I just like the combination of it all really, superfood or not. When I’m out for brunch and don’t feel like having eggs, I will always choose the acai bowl, if it’s on the menu for a reasonable price. I had an acai bowl the other day for 15AUD. So my expectations were on the high-end to say the least. Unfortunately, it wasn’t money well spent.

Some will also say that acai bowls aren’t all that healthy because it can contain a massive amount of sugar. I’m not a specialist, but I know that healthy can be deceiving sometimes. That’s why I prefer to make my own bowls, at home. I usually use some plain yoghurt or kefir as a base. Now, that might not sound very exciting, but that’s where the fruits come in! Bon appétit everybody, hope you had a great week! Acai Bowl



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