Street Photography be like – 011

Hi guys,

I bought a new camera! I must say, I did cry a little (on the inside) when I swiped my card at the shop, but not to worry, I don’t have any buyer’s remorse syndrome, because I really love my new little friend. 

I’ve always had a big love for making videos, but lately I’ve been doing more street photography and I forgot how much I actually enjoy this. I’m still at the level of zooming in and shooting people from afar, because I do not dare to approach any humans yet.

I’ve been shooting a lot buildings, which is nice, but yesterday I went on an amateur photoshoot with a friend. We shot some profile shots for his instagram, and I was totally feeling myself 🙂

Will be spending more time shooting around Perth as I will be leaving this place soon, and I want to have as many memories as I can. If you want to see my photos you can find them on my other instagram @sophiekudochi, please give me some love!

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