The Forever Hair Dilemma

So here’s the thing, I used to have short hair, just above my shoulder. Now, it’s about half-way along my back, and that took me about 1 year to grow (with a few trims in between). I guess I would say my hair doesn’t grow all that fast, which makes me feel a bit reluctant everytime I cut it.

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Youtube and Vinyl Records

I have a big announcement to make: I’m on Youtube!

Well, I mean I’ve just created my channel and uploaded my first video, it’s probably not THAT big of a deal. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s technically my second video on Youtube. The first video I ever posted, was way back in 2008, on an account I just cannot recall – and maybe for the better. It was a video I made using Windows Videomaker (HAHA) for the 2nd anniversary of one of my previous relationships. I remember Youtube actually pulled it offline because I used a Robin Thicke track, so I had to make it private. So there’s somewhere on the interwebs, a cheesy video of me floating around and I’ll probably never be able to retrieve it… I’m not sad about that.

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Getting an AU Driver’s License…Finally

I have a Belgian driver’s license ever since I was 19, but I pretty much stopped driving since I moved to Australia. People drive on the left here, whereas I’m used to driving on the right, which seriously, still messes me up at times. I figured it’s safer for me to stick to public transport and walking, or the occassional bike ride. So that’s why I have been procastinating the idea of getting an Australian license.

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