Moving this site

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[Edit] Never mind, I’m keeping this blog! 🙂

Hi Guys!

I’m moving this site, 365doodlingdays, to my main site It’s just making everything easier for me to manage. My drawing style has slowly changed since I started this blog 2 years ago and I hope I keep improving in the future 🙂 Hope to see you all there for more daily life doodles.

Thanks to everybody who has been visiting the site and liking these doodles. See you at!

Winter Olympics, Lunar New Year and Chloe Kim! – 007

Happy Lunar New Year everybody! It’s the year of the puppy and I’m all for it. My sister is a dog and she’s having some massive life plans this year, so I’m wishing her all the courage and luck of the world with it!

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50 Shades darker – 002

This is the second year I’m covering the Regional Softball Tournament here in Perth, and although I’m looking forward to swapping sandwiches for cameras for one week, I always dread the crazy hot weather.

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