Street Photography be like – 011

Hi guys,

I bought a new camera! I must say, I did cry a little (on the inside) when I swiped my card at the shop, but not to worry, I don’t have any buyer’s remorse syndrome, because I really love my new little friend.  Continue reading Street Photography be like – 011

Moving this site

Untitled_Artwork 7

[Edit] Never mind, I’m keeping this blog! 🙂

Hi Guys!

I’m moving this site, 365doodlingdays, to my main site It’s just making everything easier for me to manage. My drawing style has slowly changed since I started this blog 2 years ago and I hope I keep improving in the future 🙂 Hope to see you all there for more daily life doodles.

Thanks to everybody who has been visiting the site and liking these doodles. See you at!

Deep down, I’m a Master Chef – 008

I don’t think my mum passed on her cooking genes to me properly, because I only cook like, maybe what, 30 meals a year? And when I say cook, I mean elaborate cooking, where at least 5 different ingredients are involved, so fried eggs and instant noodles don’t count.

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Sweating like a pig! – 005

It’s full on Summer here in Perth and with hot weather usually comes sweatiness. Luckily I’m not a heavy sweater, so I’m usually quite okay, but recently I’ve been changing clothes around the clock because I’ve been sweating like crazy. I’m not sure what it is, maybe I’m getting old and weak?!

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